Interstellar Mercenaries in the Zone of Control

So, I got started working on a small team of interstellar mercenaries that I plan to use in the setting that my brother and I have been working on.

Zone of Control, which is the working title of that game setting, has a strong emphasis on the role of alien species in the galactic community. As a rule, the human race has been fragmented after centuries (millennia?) of just piss poor luck. While there are large and relatively powerful human regimes in play, the majority have been subverted as vassals of the various interstellar power groups. I’ve been running a rough 3:1 ratio of alien to human factions through out the development phase and I’m pretty happy with that… We have a line of miniatures on the way, I built this force as a sort of a stand-in for miniatures not yet sculpted by my good pal, Peder Bartholdy of Demiurge Miniatures.

I also bought these models because I thought they were cool, so there’s that.

Anyway, let’s move on to the project.


The minis pictured here are the mighty Aristopholes, sculpted by Peder Bartholdy of Demiurge Miniatures supported by three Algoryn AI squad members from Warlord Games.

Aristopheles is an ancient creature possessed of an appearance that doesn’t necessarily bely his intelligence. For untold centuries, this hulking brute has wandered the stars, accumulating power behind the scenes and granting his favor to those willing to repay the it once the time comes… A demigod of regime change so to speak, according to his creator, Peder Bartholdy. It was actually this sculpt that inspired me to make this seedy group of soldiers for hire.

The Algoryn are standing in for a Vyshari mercenary group, well known across civilized space as the most ruthless in the business. The Golden Eagles of Perathia were formed following the battle of Perathia, after they had suppressed a mutiny by allied soldiers from Platea Sojourn so zealously that the event is often referred to as a war crime eighty later. Realizing that he had a knack for interpreting orders and reading between the lines, Commander Roben Gal’barret resigned his commission from the Army and formed his own command… Which specialized in quelling unruly populations, mostly human. These particular Eagles are wearing a surplus model of the Vyshari power armor system, which allows for considerable strength as well as protection from harsh elements, NRBC threats and even the vacuum of space.


Algoryn heavy troopers from Warlord and a Bengal MBT by DLD Productions… I’m really proud of this one, I’ve wanted a Bengal for years but never got around to buying one before the 28mm line went out of production. It was by luck that Mr. Dunn from DLD was trying to clear up some space and offered them up on Facebook, so this is, as far as I know, the exact tank I was gushing over while browsing their site so many years ago.

The Algoryn represent more of the Golden Eagles, specifically their teams of heavily armed shock troopers. The armor is of a newer types, currently employed by the Army of New Vyshan, which they shouldn’t have been able to get their hands on due to arms trade restrictions… But Commander Gal’barret has his ways. The tank is a AuT-67, an obsolete model formerly used by the Aumanii Army, now being utilized by the Senecan mercenary armored group, Task Force ’74, named for the massacre of 2874. The Task Force is primarily a self sustaining terrorist organization that has taken on a thin veneer of legitimacy by offering their services in accordance with interstellar regulations relating to private military contractors. The law doesn’t stop them from taking contracts that would pit them against the Dergh Matriarchy, who they hold entirely accountable for the massacre. In a twist of fate, this crew is serving alongside the Golden Eagles, the same organization that carried out the suppression campaign that claimed the lives of over 3,000 Senecan trade unionists.

Interdiction Team

These guys are Algoryn Infiltration Team members by Warlord Games.

I’m using them as more Vyshari members of the Golden Eagles of Perathia. Specifically, they’re representing the Interdiction Teams that are the bane of any civilian organization that they’re sent against. They don’t wear power armor, but rather simple ballistic armor with similar NRBC capabilities as their power armored brothers. The job of the Interdiction Team is to move quickly and capture or kill key leaders of dissident groups before they can organize any retaliation against them, making the job of destroying any uprising that much easier. You are also most likely to see them at the front lines at riots and protests, as well as providing security for their employers. The more heavily armored members of the Golden Eagles are typically deployed if the Interdiction Teams require a more heavy handed approach to their day-to-day operations.


Strix recon mechs by White Dragon Games and a Kamodo APC by DLD Productions.

Task Force ’74 deploys Automated Security Units from their LAV-01 IFVs, preferring to keep humans inside of armored vehicles or as far from the fighting as is feasible. While the Senecan people are inoculated to the horrors of conflict by nearly constant low level warfare over the last several decades, the Task Force strongly prefers to avoid combat deaths as much as possible, owing to the fact that many members of the unit are related in one way or another.

So, that’s about all I have assembled for Aristopholes’ merry band of mercenaries. In my next post, depending on when everything gets here, I’ll unbox some modern figures that I’m going to use as opposition to the Demigod of Regime Change.

So far I have ordered a set of Task Force Operators from Spectre Miniatures, along with all of the professional plain clothes guys I could afford. I need to assemble my White Dragon Miniatures Proteus Mech, which I’ll use as back up for these guys. I’ll be using them as Aumanii Special Unit operators that are supporting the indigenous human rebels on Sipophene, a world currently caught in the grips of economic “reorganization” by the Dergh Matriarchy.

I’ll dust my monitor next time I take pictures, I promise.


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