The FN crew

The goal of our project is to present a science fiction universe with a massive history starting in the 20th century and branching off into an alternate time line that inevitably leads into the 29th(?) after a number of tragedies and an incalculable loss of human life… Repeatedly, over and over again in a cycle of wanton bloodshed. It should be fun.

So, I was on the Eureka USA website and I couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of right arms of the free world available and went on a bit of a spending spree. The Rhodesian Army, the British in Aden, the Portugese in Angola and Australia in Vietnam lines. Tons of FN FALs and only fairly minor uniform differences make it easy to build a platoon of troops to game out the period and randomize our plots and schemes.

Hopefully nobody notices that my troops armed with FALs aren’t all Rhodesians… The Portugese are just going to be Portugese, I’m not so bold as to try and pass them off as anything else.

I have started painting the Selous Scouts with a base coat of Citadel’s Catachan Green for their short-shorts, magazine rig and shirt. Their skin is Dwarf Flesh and the furniture on their rifles will be a based on Scorched Brown.Selous Scout base coat paints

Here’s a closer shot of the Scout. I’m thinking I might go ahead and pick out his rig in Graveyard Earth or lighten it up compared to his uniform. I’m not trying for historical fidelity and I’m just going to paint him up how I like, but I’ll try to stick close to it. I might also pick out some details in darker greys… And I’ll clean up all the smudging before I start highlighting the deets.

Selous Scout based.jpg

I have always been curious how World War 3 would have played out for the Southern hemisphere. There were a number of close calls that could have sparked Armageddon from the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, the Yom Kippur War in 1972 and that crazy awesome time in 1979 when NORAD thought the Soviets were launching an all out assault against the decadent, capitalist-imperialist West… They weren’t and since we’re all alive, you already knew that.

If I were to start this scenario during the Cuban missile crisis, it would pre-date the Unilateral Declaration of Independence by two years. World War 3 kicking off might have postponed that indefinitely and it would be a good opportunity to speculate on how that could have changed the current history of Africa.

Now, if we started in 1972 and NATO went at it with the Warsaw Pact over the Yom Kippur War, I would be taxing the miniscule knowledge of the period. My perspective of the Rhodesian Bush War is that the Smith government was pretty much at its prime… I’m not so sure about going with this angle because it doesn’t give the latitude for historical change like the previous option.

If World War 3 kicked off in November of 1979, just one month before the war ended, I think you’d be in for one hell of a ride. With the world as they knew it erupting in a nuclear fireball, how would things have progressed? I do know for certain that it would certainly have been even more intense than that time already was.

If you guys had any suggestions on a time frame, I’m up for them.



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